Collection: Block printed kimono

Dabu or daboo is an ancient mud resist hand block printing technique from Rajasthan.  Dabu printing is very labor intensive and involves several stages of printing and dyeing; the end result is therefore very unique and beautiful.

Ingredients like mud, gum, lime and waste wheat chaff are combined to make the ‘dhabu’ or mud resist paste which is then block printed onto the material which then resists the dye similar to batik.

After this process of printing, the fabric is spread out in the sun where it completely dries out. It is then dipped into a vat of dye, dried again and finally given a thorough washing to remove the paste and any excess dye. The dyes used are typically natural vegetable dyes and pastes. Thus the unprotected parts of the fabric catch the color while the dhabu covered bits remain plain.

These Kimonos are made using this ancient technique in Pushkar in Rajasthan.