Welcome to The Lesser Gods

Our journey began amidst the vibrant landscapes of South East Asia and India, where on every corner you will find shrines to local deities and lesser gods.

We bring you a unique collection that bridges continents – from beautiful scarves and shirts, all hand made with high quality Indian cotton, to the modern artistry of t-shirts and sweatshirts designed in-house.


Designed by TLG and handmade by a small family run firm in Rajasthan, India.

All shirts are 100% high quality Indian cotton and of very limited edition

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Unisex Tops & T-Shirts

Designed in-house & hand screen printed or direct to garment printed
locally in the UK using 100% organic premium unisex cotton tops.

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Hand made scarves

Scarves made using traditional methods in India

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Handmade Indian Ornaments

These beautifully hand carved and painted birds, animals and gods can be used as toys, ornaments or Christmas tree decorations.

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100% premium quality Indian cotton pyjamas made in limited production runs by a small family run firm in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

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Shopping Bags

Beautiful shopping bags from India

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Wall hangings from Kutch

Beautiful naive aplique artworks by retired emroiderers from Sumrasa

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Copper bells and wind chimes

Our copper bells and wind chimes are made by the Luhar community of Nirona village in Kutch, Gujarat. 

They are all hand made from reclaimed metal and have the most beautiful of chimes.

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Hand embroidered cushion covers

Made with naturally dyed organic Kala cotton in Kutch, Gujarat

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Block printed kimono

Kimonos from Rajasthan made using traditional methods

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